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廣天國際於2007年1月正式在台成立,一直以「提升我國科技化數學與科學教育」為目標經營;承美國德州儀器公司(Texas Instruments)授權成為德州儀器教育事業群台灣獨家代理,以及美國威尼爾公司(Vernier)授權成為台灣總代理,因此不管在數學教育上和科學教育領域上皆佔有重要之地位,且落實深根台灣教育體制,竭力為老師們提供科學化教育之平台,以及解決各種教學上所面對的各項難題,並期能做為台灣科技教育之先驅。

廣天國際更不斷贊助與參加各式研討會,引進國際名師與教材,提供老師們更多國外教育最先進的解決方案,包括:TI BA II Plus 商用財務計算機、TI-Nspire CX CAS繪圖計算機與軟體、Vernier LabQuest手持式數據擷取器與Logger Pro科學實驗數據分析軟體等,同時不定時舉辦工作坊來邀請國內老師一起探討最新科技化教學之解決方案。

此外,為進一步提升服務品質,廣天國際與國內名師合作,開發各式教學資源,以提供老師與學生更直接的技術支援服務,並積極投入國內學術界、產業界的技術研發合作計劃,以期能讓更多的老師與學生在科技化教學上受惠。 廣天國際總部設立於台北市,結合全國各地經銷點,將提供全台顧客有效率的服務管道。


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The Kuang-Tien International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter known as KTI) was established in Taiwan in January 2007. The mission of the company is to improve the quality of science and mathematics education in Taiwan. Since KTI is the exclusive representative of both Texas Instruments and Vernier in the Taiwan market, it has occupied a unique position in the field of mathematics and science education. Our vision is to utilize technology to lead science and mathematics education in the country. By dealing with technical teaching difficulties, our high-tech platform offers teachers glanceable and enjoyable multimedia learning experiences.

Relationships between Taiwan's education system and ours are extensive and enduring. As part of our ongoing mission, we organize and participate in various seminars, sponsor renowned international teachers, and introduce them to teaching materials. In addition, we offer advanced solutions based on international education, such as the TI-BA II Plus financial calculator, the TI-Nspire CX CAS graphics calculator, the Vernier data acquisition system, and other data analysis software. Through our collaboration with local teachers, we also organize a number of workshops on the latest technology-based teaching methods.

Our team develops teaching resources and provides teachers with a wide range of technical support in addition to working with renowned local teachers. Our customer experiences are also featured and implemented across the entire sales channel. Through our research efforts in academia and industry, we actively participate in technology development. In this way, we hope that technology-based teaching can be beneficial for more teachers and students.

For further information, please contact with us.

Technology support: support@calculator.com.tw
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