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Online IB Mathematics Competition Using the TI-Nspire 2020

Rules and Regulations

Entry to Competition

a) This competition is open to all IBDP students from international schools in Singapore and around the Asian region.

b) Each student is entitled to submit only ONE entry and each IB World School is entitled to submit a maximum of TEN entries.

c) All submissions have to be done through the school, by a teacher-in-charge.

d) Competition submission dates is from 14th September to 16th October 2020.

e) Closing date for the competition is 16th October 2020, at 12pm (GMT +8).

     Late entries WILL NOT BE accepted beyond this deadline.


Submission of Entries

a) Students will submit a file in the .tns format and the submission of the file should be in the form of        lastname_firstname_name_of_school.tns. Only files of the .tns format will be considered as valid entries.

b) Submit the .tns file to OnlineIBComp@gmail.com.

c) Students will need to have access to their TI-Nspire software installed on their computers to be able to         submit solutions by inserting the pages and writing their solutions entirely on their GDC.

d) Only solutions entered and worked through entirely via the .tns file will be considered as valid entries upon submission.

e) Participants are required to work on this competition independently and submit the solutions that reflect        their own work.

f) The online mathematics competition consists of 10 questions of varying length and difficulty.



a) The prizes are sponsored by Texas Instruments Southeast Asia Pte. Ltd.

b) The prizes are separated into 2 categories, Individual and School.

Individual Award Prize
Gold (10 winners) TI-Nspire CX II CAS
Silver (10 winners) TI-Nspire CX II
Bronze (20 winners) Premium worth US$20


School Award Prize
Top 3 schools with most number of correct entries TI product gift voucher worth US$500



a) Judges’ decision on determining the winners and award of prizes is final.

b) Winners are determined on how students best approached answering the questions using their knowledge      of the TI-Nspire and its built in functions.

c) The organizer reserves the right to amend any of the rules and regulations without prior notice.

d) Winners will be notified via email through their schools.


Note to Teacher-in-Charge

a) Please submit at most 10 entries per school.

b) Each entry should consist of 1 file, the .tns file. This is for verification purposes.

    Please ensure the files are named according to requirement.

c) Place all the entries in a folder, giving it your school name/initials, for example “ihs” for International High      School. Ensure that all the files are present.

d) Zip up that folder and email the zipped folder to OnlineIBComp@gmail.com

    Please state the name of your school under subject title in the email.


If you have queries, please feel free to email OnlineIBComp@gmail.com

IF you need 30 days trial version of TI-nspire CAS CX II Software, please click me.

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