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商品介紹: 活動研究溫度、運動、力、磁力、光線、電力和壓力等主題。還包括許多教師提示,專業反白標示和清晰的插圖,來方便學生理解與學習。本書僅適用於採用Graphical Analysis 4,Logger Lite和LabQuest App的數據收集。


1. Learning to Use Go!Temp

2. How Do Mittens Keep You Warm?

3. Baggie Mittens

4. The Sole Purpose

5. Cool Reaction!

6. Cold as Ice

7. Are We Cool or What?

8. Why Do We Need Thermometers?

9. Celsius or Fahrenheit. What's the Difference?

10. Getting it Just Right!

11. Go!Temp Spends the Night

12. Hold Everything! Comparing Insulators

13. Keepin' it Cool! Design Your Own Thermos

14. I'm Melting! Water Changes States

15. Solid, Liquid, Gas: Water Can Do it All!

16. Learning to Use the Pressure Sensor

17. Get a Grip!

18. Under Pressure

19. Bubbles in Your Bread

20. Learning to Use Go! Motion

21. e-Motion

22. Batty About Science

23. Spring into Action!

24. Air Ball!

25. Driving with Energy

26. Weigh Station - All Trucks Stop!

27. Learning to Use the Force Sensor

28. Lift the Load

29. What a Drag!

30. Oh! My Aching Back! How Ramps Make Lifting Easier

31. Learning to Use the Light Probe

32. Distance From the Sun

33. Summer and Winter

34. Sunshine on My Shoulders

35. Reflectivity of Light

36. Learning to Use the Magnetic Field Sensor

37. Exploring the Poles

38. Making Magnets

39. Electromagnets

40. Learning to Use the Voltage Probe

41. Are All Batteries the Same?

42. Stacked Batteries

43. All Worn Out!



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